Gordon has arrived!!!

We always knew we wanted a camper van and always thought it was a retirement dream, dreams can come true (not the retirement unless we win the lottery).

Our search started in probably the same way as most people who start looking at camper vans, drooling over vans we saw on the road and on the internet.

We wanted something small reliable with as low mileage as possible, we looked at the ever popular VW vans converted but for the money we had set aside we would of gotten a converted van in good condition, about a 2007/8 model but with over 120K miles on the clock which didn’t tick all of our boxes. Mr B then threw into the equation a van that a former work colleague of his owns called a Mazda Bongo.

Mazda Bongo just the name alone made us smile. It soon became known as a Bingo Bongo and then named after Mr B’s late father Gordon Bingo Bongo, this was even before we had found one to own.

Mazda Bongos are a Japanese imported vehicle which has a bit of a cult following in the UK, they have forums dedicated to owning and maintaining them, toys, t shirts, mugs they even have a secret wave.

We joined the Bongo Fury forum and club and started taking all the advice we could to aid our search for Gordon. We knew we wanted a full side conversion with a pop up roof and we also wanted a Fiamma wind out awning and for it to be lowered so it could go into almost any car park with a height barrier.

Andy was our saviour. Andy owns Andy’s Imports in Norwich UK and imports and converts mainly bongos so we paid him a visit and chose a non converted 8 seater bongo in silver with only 49K miles on the clock and agreed on him doing a full conversion including pop up roof, awning and also lowered but not too ridiculous that we looked like gangster rappers.

Gordon Bingo Bongo is now ours and the more we use him the more we modify him to suit our needs and we even put a personalised reg plate on him to complete his identity.

This blog is to document all things Gordon Bingo Bongo

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