Bongonaut adventure tips

We have had Gordon for nearly 2 months and below are our TOP TIPS for happy Bongonaut adventures.

(These are only our tips and should not be taken as the gospel)

(We will also not be held responsible for any arguments these may create)

  1. Buy some decent levelling chocks, these can be used on grass or hard standing and it will stop the blood rushing to your head when you sleep if you park on a hill.
  2. Get a long 240V hook up lead and put it on a reel so your not wrapping it around your arms when coiling it up because it will take ages to unravel it.
  3. Buy a decent wrap around screen that goes around the outside of the windscreen and down the side doors and hooks over the top of the doors to hold it tight in place, we originally started with insulated pre cut screens on the inside and they were a pain so we binned them and went for the outside wrap but an insulated one because we intend to adventure in all weathers including snow.
  4. Memory foam mattress for the bed in the pop up roof (Mr B’s fortress of solitude)
  5. Stick on magnets (strong) and stick on hooks for the inside of doors to attach stuff like chopping board, knives and tea spoon.
  6. Storm pegs (really thick strong ones that look like an oversized nail) strong enough to be hammered into any surface such as grass, hard standing or frozen ice.
  7. Large heavy hammer or mallet.
  8. Wind out awning permanently fitted to the van, we have a Fiamma one that we can use in summer as a sun shade or to avoid showers, it is also used to attach the driveway awning to the van.
  9. Drive away awning detaching kit, this is to attach the awning to the wind out awning and when you want to leave in the van you just pull out a long attaching strip and it disconnects the awning, when you return you park the van in the same place and attach the awning by sliding the strip back in (sounds easier said than done but with practice and ground markers you can master it).
  10. Drive away awning, we started with a poled version but have now replaced it with an inflatable version (see previous blog entry), we mainly use this to store stuff and sit out in if the weather is warm enough.
  11. Ground sheet for awning, this can either be a normal clip in groundsheet for grass or a more sturdy footprint version for hard standing surface, or you could just use none.
  12. Battery light for awning to hang from the roof.
  13. LED lights to light up your guide lines so Mrs B can see them in the dark.
  14. Silicone folding kettle so it can be stored easily and also Ours is green and looks ace.

We have also found that the correct order for us to set up is the following (these are only our guides and we will again not be held responsible for any arguments or disagreements which WILL happen)(if in doubt let the other half decide which is the best way)

  1. Park van using levelling chocks if necessary
  2. Attach 240V hookup
  3. Turn swivel passenger seat around (if you don’t do this first then you will struggle when you have fitted the front screen and awning)
  4. Fit front and side window screen cover.
  5. Pop up roof.
  6. Attach drive away awning to the van using the attachment kit.
  7. Peg out all four corners and tunnel sides of the awning, this will stop it blowing away.
  8. Blow up awning tubes (both) and fit cross beam.
  9. If needed unpeg and move the awning.
  10. Peg out guide lines.
  11. Put kettle on and make Mrs B a brew using amazing silicone green folding kettle.


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